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Spring Cleaning in South London, London

Winter is gone for good. Gone are the mud, the city dirt and grime. Bright weather takes over and we feel like giving our lives a boost start. Our dwelling is a good place to begin.

A through spring cleaning is going to not only energize our house but it will assist us to get rid of part of the clutter. Spring cleaning is likely to do miracles for your office space just the same.

Because we provide the most competitive cleaning prices in the entire industry, it is a good idea to consider about saving even more money by adding our spring cleaning by House Cleanic to your regular cleaning visit. Not only you are going to save yourself the time and the aggravation from being compelled to do this unpleasant task by yourself, but you can receive a discount reduced as well. We offer substantial discounts when you combine spring cleaning with other services in a single appointment. (For specific details speak to our operators - they will be more than happy to provide you with suggestions.)

Schedule your spring house or office cleaning appointment with House Cleanic in South London, London today!

This is a full check list of the services included in our spring cleaning.

Once more please discuss with us your specific needs. We are going to be very glad to do additional services to best serve you.

Please note: Our "Spring Cleaning" package does not include garbage removal, nor does it extend to cleaning houses in extreme conditions.

Important safety caution: If you would like us to clean behind your kitchen range please ask your superintendent or call professional help to disconnect and move appliances away from the walls. We are not qualified to disconnect gas pipes or hoses.

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